5 ways to move forward after a setback

Moving forward after a setback, especially an emotional one, can be quite a challenge. When we encounter a major life situation, we can be stripped of our energy and we need to regroup. What tools can we use to help us regroup? How can we be sure that we take that situation, learn from it, and...

The elevator pitch: ten seconds that can be the difference between success and failure

Have you ever run into a famous musician or actor in public, someone you have always wanted to meet, but when you got that opportunity you completely froze? The rush of adrenaline, combined with a moment of fear, completely paralyzed your senses and you simply couldn’t say a word? And the minute...

Dynamic Mentoring - The difference between winning and losing in the workplace

Don't go it alone. If you are envisioning moving up the corporate ladder into a position of authority, finding a mentor as early as possible can be the key to accomplishing your goal. We can have all the ambition in the world, but without a plan and some guidance from someone who has been there, we...

Why Mentoring Is Important

You may be a rising star and have a track record of success. But when starting a new job, having a mentor to show you the ropes is important. Mentors hold a very valuable key to your success; they’ve been where you want to go. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can learn from a trusted advisor?...

The 3 Steps of Coaching Grit in Your Company

Coaching practices inspired by “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”

3 Tips for Leaders: How to Improve Your Feedback

When was the last time you gave constructive feedback to one of your employees? Have you ever felt like you’re reaching out to them with your words of encouragement? Did they change their work and behavior after listening to you?

5 Mistakes Assessment Users Make

Far too often when a coach, consultant or trainer provides a person with an assessment, the debrief is more of an event than a life-shifting catalyst for positive change.

Kentucky Nonprofit Provides Healing, Hope for Abused Teens

Maryhurst Identifying Strategies for Seamless Succession Planning The first step to helping others in need is to surround them with the right people and resources.

What Successful People Know About Vacation Time

Embrace This Trend: Taking Time Off Reaps Benefits, Rewards Summertime means it’s time to plan that warm-weather getaway.

The B.I.G. Secret You Should Know About Retaining Top Talent

3 Tips to Inspire Your Team During Meetings When your team comes in on Monday morning and sits down at their desks, do they really want to be there?