Don't Waste Your Time on Style Envy

3 Steps to Help You Embrace Your DISC Style We’ve all heard people be critical of themselves because they think they should be more outgoing or more organized, or one of many other traits they admire in others.

A Quick Guide to DISC Measurement and Literature

Dr. Ron Bonnstetter Shares Insight from Q&A with Ph.D. Student As an organization rooted heavily in research, TTI Success Insights regularly hears from individuals in academic settings inquiring about our science and tools.

Selling With Style: Recognizing Behavior to Land New Sales

People Tend to Buy From Like-Minded, Relatable Individuals How do our behavioral styles impact a universal task like shopping for the holidays?

Behavior Blinders: Understanding DISC to Increase Sales

‘Pure’ Behavior Styles Represent Small Fraction of Population What makes one salesperson better than another, even within the same company?

3 Prerequisites to Learning DISC

Assessment Tool Helps Leaders Understand Workplace Satisfaction Read the news lately? Americans are frequently discussing whether employers are looking out for their most important assets: their people.

DISC’s Role in Providing Pushback to Toxic Behavior

Understanding Observable Behavior Can Strengthen Workplace Relationships Forget bullies — the workplace can be home to difficult, passive-aggressive or plain toxic personalities that are akin to swimming with rabid sharks.

Safe Data, Despite Safe Harbor Ruling

TTI's International Servers Protect Associates From Unlawful Data Transfers Personal data sent to U.S. servers from Europe could be considered illegal, according to a new ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

7 Factors DISC Cannot Measure

People Dynamics Cannot be Fully Understood Through One Tool There’s an old adage in business that states, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Leadership Bias in the West

Biases Viewing Extroversion as Necessary for Leadership are Living on Borrowed Time Culture in the West, since the middle of the last century at least, has taken a turn away from character as the basis of leadership in favor of personality.

How DISC Can Create a Strong Team Foundation

Successful Teams are Comprised of Highly Adaptable Members The rapidly developing global nature of business has pressured companies to develop new products, markets and alliances more frequently and more quickly than ever before.