Retention is Dead! How the micro-career is the new employment model

Today’s cutting edge companies identify that now it’s all about the micro-career. Few employees have plans to spend decades with one company, instead preferring to do many different jobs requiring many different skills throughout their working careers. These are high-energy, driven individuals who...

Purple vision: A colorful way for HR to develop unique talents

Can TTI Success Insights offer HR color proofing? What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question we all remember getting asked when we were kids. Back then my friends would answer, Soccer player! Fireman! Police officer! Or, in my case, Pilot! Could purple vision have helped my friends...

There is a Method to Break the Talent Management Madness

Dive deeper to uncover hidden talent  Discussions about talent management systems can lead to many places.

Millennials Officially Outnumber Baby Boomers

What Leaders Need to Know About the Workplace’s Future Millennials are now the biggest generation, outnumbering the once-largest Baby Boomers, according to the latest data from Pew Research.

How to win the talent war

During one 24 hour period I had four interesting conversations. Conversation #1: Someone in a key position with a large retail organization told me how the manager of one their stores came to him complaining about how poorly she is treated by her supervisor and her supervisor’s supervisor.

The (Not So) Secrets of High Retention

What we can learn from one tech company about hiring, culture A strong retention rate indicates many things: a thriving culture, strong leadership and an engaged workforce. But what are the secrets to boosting that rate?

Why Opposites Don't Attract

Add Empowering Behavioral Tools in Selection for Future Success Have you ever heard the phrase opposites attract? It’s wrong. It makes sense to us, but it’s still wrong.

5 Talent Management Trends to Embrace in 2016

Getting Smarter About Data, Engagement to Become High Priority

4 Emerging Trends from CHRO Exchange

Major Human Resources Gathering Reveals Focus of Top Execs Managing a HR budget in the multi millions. Responsible for retention of an international company with multiple profit centers. Tasked with recruiting the best candidates in the world for a billion dollar company.

HR Tech Conference: 3 Trends to Watch

Latest Industry Trends on Display at 18th Annual Conference As one of the top human resources conferences in the nation, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition brings together industry professionals to learn about the latest tech products.