Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

An important life theme I’ve always tried to live by is to never to judge a book by its cover. Talking recently with a coworker who had an unfortunate incident at a local car dealership got me to thinking about that.

Job Benchmarking: The roadmap to successful hiring

If you had a roadmap to success, a map that all but guaranteed you would achieve what you wanted to achieve - would you use it? While life may present no guarantees, having a job benchmark is about as close as you can come to improving your hiring capabilities. 

Adapting behaviors using DISC to succeed in the workplace

Everyone has different and unique behavioral styles. Yet we all still need to find a way to communicate and work well together. Nowadays, behavioral assessments such as DISC, which measures behaviors, make it easier to understand and adapt to people.

DISC Uncovered: 5 Reasons Why High-Ds Waste Time

According to the DISC behavioral-styles model, there are four components to a person’s behavior. Those are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness or Compliance. Just about everyone has one style that ranks higher than the others, making it their predominant style.

Do pre-employment personality tests scare away applicants?

At TTI Success Insights, we create assessments, many of which are used in the employment screening process. The question of whether or not pre-employment personality tests scare away applicants is a common one. Gaining understanding regarding what the tools do and don’t do will certainly help clear...