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Feb 24, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

Three (3) Lessons Learned at TTI Success Insights’ Conference


I came to TTI Success Insights six weeks before conference. After developing a systematic onboarding approach, I embraced my inner anthropologist and learned about the symbols, behaviors, and individuals at TTI Success Insights.
I immediately noticed a tremendous amount of preparation for TTI Success Insights annual conference. Previous attendees described the value of conference as not only a great learning forum, but a monumental experience each year.

Despite my methodical approach to learning, I had no idea that #ttisicon would be the richest activity in my first six weeks. Then, I showed up at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort on January 12.

I learned about three critical elements of the culture at conference.


Family Orientation

During my very first screening interview, Rick Bowers told me, “We have a family culture here at TTI SI.” I’ve heard that before in other organizations, so I didn’t give it much weight. However, conference shifted my perspective and clarified the meaning of family oriented. From the moment I attended pre-events for conference, I met people who felt like family members - from big brothers who tease you to wise aunts and uncles who are willing to guide you.

Family orientation is the bedrock of this culture and an undeniable aspect of the conference. I lost count of the hugs, pats on the back, and belly laughs.

Built person by person, one relationship at a time, TTI Success Insights thrives on the compassion, kindness, and genuine interest in each other’s success. This organization is like no other, where people support one another and invest in one another’s growth.


Personal Growth

The speakers at conference - holy cow - they blew me away. I walked away from every presentation with golden nuggets to apply in my life, both professionally and personally. One moment stands out the most: During the Hartman panel, Ron Price said “The moment a scientist says, ‘the science is settled,’ he or she ceases to be a scientist.” As a marketer who leverages the scientific method, this profoundly resonated with me.

I experienced the best of both worlds - I grew professionally and personally. I’m not alone. About 25% of the attendees who responded to the conference survey said personal growth was the primary reason why they attended conference as well.



Our network is filled with the brightest, most big-hearted coaches, consultants, recruiters, and business men and women in the industry. Although I could not meet all of them (there were about 400 people at conference), I did connect with many of them.

And I made out like a bandit! I received messages of welcome, desires to partner, and offers to help onboard me. I also walked away with over 50 business cards, 22 scheduled follow up calls, 4 job shadowing offers, 2 books, and a username and password to experience a coach's products and services.

Conference creates an environment of collaboration and generosity where thoughts are shared, ideas are born, and innovation spreads like wildfire. All are powered by the network of Value Added Associates and Master Distributors.
I can easily say that conference was the richest and best cultural immersion I’ve ever experienced with any company. That means a lot, because I’ve been around the block. I can’t wait for next year.

To learn more, visit TTI Success Insights conference website, where you can learn more about #ttisicon.

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Candice Frazer
Are you coming to the greatest people event of the year?

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