Answer these questions about your business before your consider purchasing from an assessment provider

Jun 15 , 2017

crowd-participating-at-event_4460x4460.jpgThere are a plethora of assessment providers in the world. And each will give you a carefully crafted marketing pitch on why you should use their tools instead of the competition. Many business decision makers jump headlong into the decision making process, trying to distinguish features and value props.  

In the process, decision makers get lost. This confusing information will muddy the waters in making a decision. Worst of all, you can pick an assessment provider that is not the best fit for your needs. Our recommendation: decide what your business needs to achieve.

Last week, we provided a list of questions you should ask when assessing different assessment providers. Using the Four-Level Training Evaluation framework and applying it to a series of strategic business questions will provide the answers you need to answer before you pick up the phone to speak with a new business advisor.

Here are some critical categories and questions you can begin to ask:


  • What business challenges need to be solved?
  • What are our specific, measurable, goals?
  • When do we need to achieve the goals?
  • How will assessments help us achieve the goals?
  • What is our budget for implementing the assessments?
  • What data do we need to track in order to achieve our goals?


  • How does this fit with our culture?
  • How will we use the assessment data?
  • Do we need more than individual reports in order to achieve our goal?
  • How will the assessment data be used to impact job performance?
  • What respondent behavior change do we expect?
  • What support do we need to provide in order to apply or implement the information?
  • How are we going to interpret and coach to the assessment?
  • How do we want or need to integrate the assessment results into our systems?


  • What will the learner gain from this assessment?
  • How will we use assessment data?
  • How comprehensive do we need the assessment to be?
  • To which programs will this assessment be applied?
  • How do the assessments align with the objectives for the program?


  • To which population will we target these assessments?
  • In which languages do we need the assessments to be available?
  • What reading level is required for our audience?
  • What do we need to measure at the individual level?
  • What do we want to measure at the team level?
  • How do we ensure privacy and appropriate use?

Before you consider any assessment providers, be sure to ask yourself these questions. After which, you are ready to move onto questions about the company and assessment features.


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Candice Frazer