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How to Avoid Giving A Presentation That Is Close, But No Cigar

Presenting a topic to an audience is hard. There is always more preparation than you expect and, for many of us, speaking in public is quite frightening. We all plan to wow the attendee and avoid giving a presentation that is only close to a promise of greatness. But that isn’t what always happens.

I Hate to Stress You Out, BUT…

Stress: How the Dysfunction Impacts Your Health 

Do You Know the WHY Behind Your Vote?

Brain Science Offers Answers to Your Presidential Choice An election year is always a polarizing time for the country. A nation is divided not only by the issues, but the strong emotions evoked by those issues.

A Lesser-Known Way to Use TriMetrix DNA

A step-by-step guide to writing a dynamic letter of recommendation Oh no! You have been once again been asked to write from scratch a letter of recommendation. Sadly, a great letter can take several hours of your time, if done well.

2 Phrases to Stop Using Today

Reassess Your Vocabulary to Change Your Mindset

How We Make a Difference: In Life, Research and at Work

  Assessments Allow Us to Better Understand the Science of Self™

It’s all about the me-me conflict

(There are three common types of conflict in the workplace: Me-You, Me-Job, Me-Me. In my prior posts I discussed Me-You and Me-Job conflicts. Here I take on Me-Me conflicts.)

The Me-Job Conflict: “Take this job and shove it!”

(There are three common types of conflict in the workplace: Me-You, Me-Job, Me-Me. In my prior post I discussed Me-You conflicts. Here I take on Me-Job conflicts.)

Dealing with Me-You Conflicts

Wherever two or more are gathered, the potential for conflict exist. Yes, this can occur in day-to-day interactions, within families, and of course, at work. For over 30 years, TTI has been identifying and classifying these troubling interactions and workplace conflicts in three categories: • me-me...