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These five blogs were the five most popular over the past three months. In case you missed them when they originally published, here is your chance to revisit this valuable information.


1. Make it a two-way interview: 40 questions to ask during your next interview

First Published: Feb 22 , 2018

The modern day interview has evolved tremendously from what it used to be. Nowadays, candidates are interviewing the companies just as much as they themselves are being interviewed. And why not? Next time you find yourself interviewing for a new position, be sure you make it a two-way interview. Here are forty questions to help you figure out if the company will be right for you. 


2. How to spot certain behavioral styles through casual observation

First Published: Jan 04 , 2018

Working well with someone relies heavily on being able to understand them and how they operate. If you had a “cheat sheet” on behavioral style for every person you came in contact with, that would give you such an advantage as to how to win influence from that person. Truth is, we all have the ability to easily spot others' behavioral styles by observing subtle and not-so-subtle cues they are constantly giving off. You can figure out a person's primary behavioral style through casual observation within seconds of meeting them and use it to your advantage in dealing with them on their terms. 


3. Want a staff of rock stars? Understanding behavioral styles is key

First Published: Feb 06 , 2018

What happens when you are responsible for creating a productive, cohesive team and you aren’t really sure where to start? Understanding behavioral styles is key to finding the right people for the right positions. This is a real-life success story based on an immediate need this non-profit organization needed to address and how an increased understanding of behavioral styles helped their team become more cohesive and effective.


 4. How to be successful by giving up these eight habits

First Published: Mar 14 , 2018

Focusing on your emotional intelligence can enhance the skills needed to reach success. Emotional intelligence speaks to your self awareness, awareness of others and ability to regulate behaviors. Honing emotional intelligence will help you overcome the obstacles of everyday life including these eight habits that can deter you from your life’s most important objectives.


5. 9 Ways to Deal with Conflict in the Workplace

First Published: Mar 08 , 2018
The opportunity for conflict in the workplace is always present, if not inevitable. This infographic illustrates 9 rules of dealing with conflict at work and will help you reduce the drama while increasing the productivity.
9 Ways_Deal_With_Conflict_Workplace_Infographic3.png
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