The 5 Most Viewed TTI Success Insights Blogs This Summer

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As a leading voice in the management solutions industry, TTI Success Insights shares information through our weekly blog on topics ranging from behaviors, motivators, talent management solutions, emotional intelligence, acumen and so much more.

Below you'll find the five most viewed blogs over the past three months. In case you missed them when they originally published, here is your chance to revisit this valuable information.


1. Tackling Problems and Challenges as a High-D

First Published: July 5, 2018

The D in DISC stands for Dominance. This describes people that tend to favor a direct, assertive communication style and tend to focus on problems and challenges. High-Ds love to stick to business, get to the point and not waste time. Ds tend not to immerse themselves in minutiae or specific details.


2. Seeking Perfection in the Shadow of Fear as a High-C

First Published: Jul 26 , 2018

The Compliance behavioral style tends to be very process and detail-oriented. These “high-C’s” tend to put task before people, focusing more on what needs to be done and less on subtleties of how they disseminate that information. The high-C likes their space. All about facts and figures, the high-C seeks perfectionism. There is only way to do something - the right way - and they will take any means necessary to get there. 


3. Under the Influence of People as a High-I

First Published: Jul 18, 2018

The Influencers are all about people. They are enthusiastic, personable, talkative and usually confident.  They love talking to people and will always gravitate toward people when entering a room. When having a conversation, a high-I will often stand with their feet spread, with both hands in their pockets. Facial expressions and hand gestures will dominate their communication as this person is all about emphasizing what they are trying to communicate. Talkative with both verbals and non-verbals, a DISC-related wisecrack states that if you want an I to be quiet, don’t let them use their hands.


 4. The 12 Driving Forces Defined

First Published: Sep 5, 2018

12 Driving Forces are personal drivers or motivators; the “why” someone does what they do. Created by TTI Success Insights, 12 Driving Forces helps to uncover and explain a person’s motivating factors. Motivators/ drivers can be thought of as the areas of life that a person is passionate about or things perceived by an individual as important. A person's drivers provide their purpose and direction in life.


5. 3 Workplace Scenarios to Avoid if Self-Regulation is Not Your Strong Suit

First Published: Aug 16, 2018
Several factors go into making up a person’s Emotional Intelligence, and self-regulation is one of the most important. Self-Regulation speaks to one’s ability to manage emotions in a social setting. Someone with a high level of self-regulation is likely to succeed under pressure and not be discouraged when things don’t go their way. It can be quite a challenge to regulate our actions and emotions. The good news is that self-regulation is a skill that can be improved with work and effort. If you are someone who is not at the top of your self-regulation game currently, it’s a good idea to avoid these three situations in the workplace.

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