The Elusive Process of Uncovering Uniqueness

Feb 12, 2015 | Categories: training / coaching, emotional intelligence

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Talent, Skills Develop Within Us Through Life Experiences 

Every person is unique. And yet, the process of uncovering uniqueness is often elusive.

Here at TTI SI, we know the key to uncovering a person’s uniqueness is to look to their talents and skills. Most skills and talents are developed slowly over time.

While we accumulate life experience, job experience and relationship experience, these talents and skills develop quietly within us.

Given this slow, steady development, we are often completely unaware of the rise of these abilities. It's very difficult for people to actually understand and identify their own skills and talents.

Don’t believe me? Try asking someone, "What do you do better than anyone else you know?"

Yet, the discovery of a person's skills and talents is critical to finding fulfillment and happiness in both career and personal life. And, one of the major benefits of discovering your skills and talents is the reduction of stress in work and life.

In addition, knowledge of self empowers a person with an understanding that allows them to not only better understand themselves, but to understand others, and as a result, better interact and communicate more effectively.

Over three decades of research into this process of self-discovery has culminated in the development of the Science of Self™, a research-based process of discovering your skills and talents by analyzing your education, experience, skills, behavior, motivational driving forces, worldview and emotional intelligence (EQ).

The Science of Self is a holistic analysis of the entire person. When applied using all seven factors listed above, the individual is empowered with self-knowledge.

People then experience change such as:

  • More control of their future
  • Better career trajectory
  • Enhanced livelihood

By using a scientific approach to discovery and disclosure, a person is able to add voice to feelings that were before unexpressed "gut" feelings. As a result, the vocabulary and measurability of the Science of Self creates a far greater level of self-awareness.

The Science of Self informs individuals to make decisions in line with the purpose and direction in both their career and personal relationships. It also opens the door to personal and professional growth.

The Science of Self is a belief system to us. Sharing the Science of Self with the world is a passion and a calling, because it unfailingly reveals the true talents and skills people can then share with the world.

It changes lives, careers and relationships.

We look forward to sharing the Science of Self with each of you, and thank each of our distributors who provide this system of living to the world. 

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