HR Tech Conference: 3 Trends to Watch

Oct 20 , 2015

Latest Industry Trends on Display at 18th Annual Conference

As one of the top human resources conferences in the nation, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition brings together industry professionals to learn about the latest tech products.

Our company, TTI Success Insights, has a rich tech history and we are proud to attend this year, as well as host a booth to showcase some of our most popular offerings.

With the rollout this year of one of our new systems, Talent Management Plus™ (TMP), our team is keenly aware of the latest trends in the HR world. No doubt we will see these themes discussed heavily throughout the conference.

Three trends to watch this year at HR Tech are:

  1. People Analytics. People analytics is a new term to describe a highly data-driven approach to managing people. Through the use of technology, HR managers are looking for ways to bring to life the data they collect through assessments, performance reviews and other evaluations to increase effectiveness. The future may take shape by people analytics coming to life through devices like smart phones.
  2. Whole-Person Hiring. Gone are the days where a new hire is made based on past experiences and education. While these will always be factors, hiring managers are now valuing potential equally or greater. This is why valid, science-based assessment use is on the rise; they help tell a story of the whole person with data like how they behave, what motivates them, and how they handle stress.
  3. Emphasis on Strategy. Many have argued that the HR role has evolved to being focused mainly on enforcing the company’s existing policies and procedures. But a new era has begun for HR professionals. They now have the opportunity to create work environments that harness talent, recruit the best, and help their offices evolve in an ever-changing business environment. At HR Tech, we can expect to see technologies will better help the HR professional be more of a strategic lead.

Our team hopes to meet you in person at the conference!

Stop by to Booth 2357 to learn about TMP and Talent Insights™, our most popular assessment that reveals one’s behavior style and motivators, and our team would be happy to share how we can help transform your hiring and talent development.


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