3,000 Reasons Why TriMetrix Is My Assessment of Choice

As a professional management consultant, I work with people of all skill levels and in many walks of life. Regardless if it’s an entry-level employee or a CEO, I have found TriMetrix HD to be my assessment of choice because of all it can do to uncover what I need to know to help an individual...

5 Reasons Why Understanding Acumen Is So Important

Axiology is the study of values. Stated more simply, it is the study of how we make judgments about good and bad. While axiology may be the technical name, the concept is often referred to as a person’s “acumen.”

DISC Uncovered: Tackling Problems and Challenges as a High-D

Having a deeper understanding of people’s behavioral styles can provide significant insight into how to better communicate with them. Using a proven science such as DISC can help uncover observable clues about a person’s predominant factor influencing their style of behavior.

12 Unique Ways to Market Anything

By day I write business blogs and by night, I perform as a solo musician playing classic rock favorites all around the Metro Phoenix area. As a performing musician, I am constantly trying to figure out the best way to market to people to get them to come to my shows. Since all my marketing is done...

5 Ways to Make Communication More Effective

Great communication is the key to success in work and in life.

Finding Your Niche Based on Your DISC Behavioral Style

I was first introduced to the DISC behavioral assessment after obtaining an internship with TTI Success Insights. After taking their DISC assessment, I received a 60 page report tailored just for me. Later, I was debriefed on my unique behavioral style to better understand how I do what I do and...

TTI Success Insights vs. Predictive Index: Which pre-employment assessment is right for you?

Being in the talent solutions industry, we are constantly asked which assessments are “best.” Best is in the eye of the beholder; the real question to answer is what your specific needs are and which assessment (and assessment provider) will help you meet those needs?

Uncovering A Leader's Achilles Heel Using DISC

Behavioral assessments such as DISC can help uncover interesting insights about a person’s behavioral styles. This information can then be used to improve performance or help a person to find a job that may be most suited for their natural abilities.

Introvert Watch Out: 2 Communication Pitfalls to Avoid

People with different behavioral styles communicate differently, which often leads to conflicts in communication. On the communication continuum, people range from being very direct communicators to very indirect. While some of those indirect communicators are talkative extroverts, many are...

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

An important life theme I’ve always tried to live by is to never to judge a book by its cover. Talking recently with a coworker who had an unfortunate incident at a local car dealership got me to thinking about that.