12 Unique Ways to Market Anything

By day I write business blogs and by night, I perform as a solo musician playing classic rock favorites all around the Metro Phoenix area. As a performing musician, I am constantly trying to figure out the best way to market to people to get them to come to my shows. Since all my marketing is done...

Stay native and other big takeaways from Vidcon 2017 (VIDEO)

VidCon is an annual convention that brings the brightest minds of the online world together to share ideas, network and look into the future. This year’s event was held in Anaheim, California, and this four-day conference mixed internet personalities with fans as well as leading members of the...

When selecting an assessment provider, the decision boils down to these three things

When choosing an assessment, you have to sift through functions and features to identify the most critical elements. Talent management professionals are seeking to hire, retain, and engage the right talent for their business, and the plausible assessment options seem limitless. To be honest, they...

Answer these questions about your business before your consider purchasing from an assessment provider

There are a plethora of assessment providers in the world. And each will give you a carefully crafted marketing pitch on why you should use their tools instead of the competition. Many business decision makers jump headlong into the decision making process, trying to distinguish features and value...

A framework for evaluating training solutions to your toughest HR challenges

When evaluating tools and solutions to your toughest HR challenges, it is critical to ensure that you are going to employ a training tool that is personal, pervasive, and permanent for the individuals in your organization. We’ve found that end users find it is difficult to think through the...

The most important step to take when building a small business brand

I recently spoke with a entrepreneur who told me he was undergoing a holistic rebranding of his business. Activities included finding a new business name, establishing new business marks and even building a new website from scratch. This entrepreneur asked what I thought he should put on the...

Three (3) Lessons Learned at TTI Success Insights’ Conference

I came to TTI Success Insights six weeks before conference. After developing a systematic onboarding approach, I embraced my inner anthropologist and learned about the symbols, behaviors, and individuals at TTI Success Insights.

Brand Promise: Why It Should Not Be For Everyone

TTISICon Sneak Peek: On Target Personas + Never-Gonna-Get-Its

A Look At The Action Required By Opportunity

TTISICon Sneak Peek: The Best is Yet to Come There’s no perfect opportunity, there’s only opportunity. What are we going to do with it? That’s the big question that confronts us—the question that lingers in our heads amidst all the options, choices and uncertainties.

How To Be Unique Using Your Mint Chocolate Chip Strategy

TTISICon Sneak Peek: Stop The Vanilla In Your Company and Life “Wealth is not about having a lot of money. It’s about having a lot of options.” This quote by comedian Chris Rock this is a truth of life. Do you have a strategy to create the options you want in life?