Resistance: How to overcome the enemy that stands between you and your life’s biggest goals (Part II)

Yesterday we introduced the concept of resistance, and how anyone in any creative endeavor can be a victim to resistance in their quest to achieve their life’s biggest goals. Today we discuss how to overcome resistance and achieve everything you ever set out to achieve.

Resistance: The biggest enemy that stands between you and your life’s biggest goals (Part I)

Resistance is like a gnat. No matter how many times you swing at that little nuisance, it remains right there, in front of your nose, laughing at you. It knows it’s much smaller than you and much more vulnerable but it doesn’t care. The gnat continues to buzz in front of your face and toy with your...

9 Ways to Deal with Conflict in the Workplace

Dealing with conflict at work will help you reduce the drama and increase the productivity.

Why “slowing down to go faster” should be your 2018 motto

Ever been stuck in first gear or tried to drive your car on ice? In either case, you put in a lot of effort and make very little progress. Our daily lives can be much the same way. Have you ever tried slowing down to go faster?

3 Ways To Turn Negativity Into Positivity

There’s an old saying that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans. And it's very difficult to transform negativity into positivity. While we like to think we control all aspects of our own destiny, it’s simply not the case. We have to be willing to roll with the unexpected...

What are the most common conflicts in the workplace?

Working within a large group of people is bound to create forms of natural conflict. Understanding the potential for conflict and being prepared with the tools to help avoid it are the keys to keeping peace in the workplace. It’s much easier to work with a group of people that share mutual respect,...

Winning 22 straight like the Cleveland Indians streak is quite a feat. How do we win day in and day out on the job?

The Cleveland Indians have taken the baseball world by storm by winning their last 22 consecutive games. In fact, every team in the American League has lost at least eight times since the last time the Indians tasted defeat. The streak is truly impressive and inspiring and it's the talk of the...

3 secrets from Kelly McGonigal that transform stress from a vice to a virtue

Stress is something we deal with every day. Some of us seem to have more stress in our lives than others. If you’re like most people, you likely see stress as a negative. People correlate being stressed to feeling overwhelmed, not having enough energy, or pushing a boulder up hill.

How to Value Annoying, Itching and Ongoing Stress

Can ongoing stress be your friend? Can stress, especially ongoing stress, be a positive thing? Many say it can turn into our friend. Do difficult or troubled situations spell opportunities?

I Hate to Stress You Out, BUT…

Stress: How the Dysfunction Impacts Your Health